nedelja, februar 10, 2008

Knjiga: Koristni organizmi v vrtu

Nova popravljena izdaja knjige - Koristni organizmi v vrtu na in

Parasitoids and predators

Although interest for biological production among gardeners is relatively large, only few people are familiar with beneficial organisms that on biological garden maintain pests in reasonable limits.
Majority is interested only in so called pest insects and damage that they can cause on harvest.
Book “Beneficial arthropods in the garden” speaks first of all about all these natural assistants, which help each biological gardener, horticulturist and farmer in his battle against pests.
In the book we can see only small fist of beneficial insects and a few spiders, which are possible to find in the garden, meadow or field, where chemical preparations for pest suppression aren’t used and where garden is fertilized with natural organic fertilizers.
Most of photographs of beneficial arthropods in this book are from author’s small kitchen garden in Istria.
Some beneficials from the book are represent in this blogg

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